Blackjack counting- Becoming an expert of Blackjack

Many people find it difficult to win a game of blackjack which is the most played games in a casino. For this reason techniques have been designed by experts to help a novice player in winning a blackjack game. Amongst the countless techniques, the blackjack counting is the most popular one. By using some fast math skills, people can gain an edge in the game and end up winning a lot of money.

Blackjack counting allows a player to judge the probability advantage of other players. This is done by assigning a value to each card and then keeping track of the cards. The presence of high cards like king, tens and aces in the dealers shoe are beneficial for the player. The dealers shoe is a device used to store multiple decks of cards. On the other hand the majority of low cards from 2 to 6 are favorable for the dealer. People can make use of different counting methods to assess the value of the cards.

The most common method used in blackjack counting is the Hi/Lo technique. This technique is implemented by assigning each card a specific value. Every high card is known as the positive card and it is given a value of minus one. The low cards, on the other hand, are negative cards which have a value of plus one. The cards from 7 to 9 are neutral cards which have a value of zero. The count begins with zero. Every negative cards will add a value of one while every positive cards lead to a deduction of one. If a favorable count is seen when they cards are dealt, the players can raise their bets and gain from them.

Other black jack counting technique is the multi level system which is a new and modern method. It works in the same manner as Hi/Lo but is more accurate as it assigns a greater value of plus or minus two to negative and positive cards respectively. Furthermore, another method known by the name of cluster counting may be used. In this technique observes the clusters of cards in the last game. This means they mentally observe where the cards were grouped. They then determine when the high cards will be dealt by keeping an eye out for the clusters to start appearing. In this way they can raise their bets and increase their profit.
By using these strategies of blackjack counting, people can gradually become old hands at blackjack.

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