Blackjack counting cards- A valuable and beneficial skill

Blackjack counting cards is a skill which can give people a lot of return if they manage to learn it. Amongst the numerous casino games, blackjack is a little different because in this game, the share of the house is not fixed. The probability of a player winning the game is solely dependent on the mix of cards which are left to be dealt. If the deck has more low cards then it is going to eventually benefit the house. On the other hand, the presence of high cards in the deck means the player is going to benefit.

By using blackjack counting cards, people can gain an edge over the house. However, it does not mean that people have to memorize all the cards which are dealt. Instead, they have to learn a system through which they can calculate the ratio of high cards to low cards which still remain in the deck. The most popular method of doing so is with the use of Hi/Lo method.

Before learning this method for blackjack counting cards, people should know that counting cards is considered to be illegal in casinos. People can not use any calculators or machines to calculate the count. Mental counting cannot be stopped. People should therefore familiarize themselves with the rules and regulations of the casinos before playing.

The Hi/Lo method is a very effective method of blackjack counting cards. The cards are divided into three categories which are the positive cards, negative cards and the neutral cards. The positive cards consist of the low cards like 2s, 3s and 4s which carry a value of plus one. The negative cards are the high cards like king, queen, jacks, aces and tens which have a value of minus one. Neutral cards are those which have a value of zero and consist of cards from 7 to 9.

The first thing people need to do in for blackjack counting cards is to familiarize themselves with the values of each card. Then they need to separate the running count from a true count. This is applicable when people play for multiple decks. Each decks count has to be separated to know the value of the count. This value helps in placing bets. A positive value indicates that a person should place a bet as it will give a higher return. Similarly, a negative value indicates that people should bet the lowest amount possible.

Blackjack counting cards is a valuable skill and people will benefit in the long run.

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