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Card Counting in Gambling. When does it become illegal or immoral?

I am Australian and lived in the US for 2 years. While there, I worked in a casino as an internal security officer. I was provided training and experience in the different fields of Casino security. We encountered cheats with slot machines using devices, and people at card tables working with the dealers. This is obvious cheating.

An issue I could never understand which was scorned upon in the gambling industry, was the card counter.

A card counter has no guarantee of a win, but merely increases his odds subject to how good he/she is at counting cards. Is that any different to the ordinary person who merely has the luck of the cards on the night?

We used to evict detected card counters and pass their photos to the other casinos who would then equally ban them from entry. I often questioned this…. how different is that to a skilled card player who knows when to up a bet, compared to fold a bet, just on experience?

Subsequently, I learned the fundamental aspects of card counting, but I am far from a card counter in casino terms. I like to play black jack, only as a game. I go to my local casino maybe no more than 3 times a year average. I sit at the black jack table applying the principles and techniques in card counting. I most often walk out at a loss. (I walk in deciding to spend no more than a hundred bucks, and when it is gone, I leave. However, I have walked out with many times that in my pocket maybe 1 time in 4. Subsequently, when I do play black jack, when averaging it out, I am well up. If I tried to calculate it, I am possibly up around 300%)

Now while I know the skills, but not so proficient that I do it as a regular circumstance, does this make me illegal or immoral?

Compare that if you will to the person who just has a good memory, untrained who is also winning more than losing. Where is the line drawn between illegality and immorality.?

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