Count cards in blackjack- An effective means of winning money

Count cards in blackjack- An effective means of winning money

By being able to count cards in blackjack, people can soon double their money. Blackjack is a casino game in which people bet money over cards. It is very risky for a novice player because they do not know any effective techniques which can help them in keeping their investment safe. Counting cards is a foolproof strategy which enables people to make a lot of profit. However good math skills are required through which people can count cards.

Count cards in blackjack means that people assign a value to each card which will help them in keeping track of the cards which have been played and which are left in the deck. By knowing this, people can place a bet at the right time. For the house, a large number of low cards which are from 2 to 6 are favorable. While for the players, high cards like tens, jacks and aces represent an advantage.

To count cards in blackjack a combination of techniques and strategies are used. Some are old methods while some are new and modernized methods which are more accurate. The single level or Hi/Lo method is the oldest method of counting cards. It deals in assigning values to positive, negative and neutral cards which are tens to aces, 2 to 6 and 7 to 9 respectively. By adding a point for every negative card and deducting a point for the positive one, people can assess the value of cards left in the deck and then place a bet. A multi level system has also been developed which is an advanced version of the Hi/Lo method. It uses greater values to get an accurate result.

Moreover, the use of true and running count is also done to count cards in blackjack. When people play a game of multiple decks, they need to calculate the true count of the cards in a new deck. This is done by dividing the running count with the number of decks still left to be played. This distinction is important in order to enable the players to place a bet effectively.

By knowing how to count cards in blackjack, people can gain nearly a 2% advantage over the house. However this is an average figure which is varied according to the skill of the player, the number of decks played etc. People can raise their hold to 5% if they use the above mentioned strategies to count cards in blackjack.

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