Counting cards blackjack- How it works

Counting cards blackjack is a strategy used to gain an upper hand in the game of blackjack. A lot of money is placed in betting and casinos make a lot of money because winning this game is very difficult. For this reason this counting cards strategy is used to keep track of the cards and place the bet when the probability is most favorable. This method can be highly profitable. People have to assign values to each card dealt which helps in determining if the cards which remain are favorable or not.

A high count is considered to be beneficial for the player as it means that high cards are more in number. These high cards comprise of tens, jacks, kings and aces. This is because the probability of scoring the dealers busting are high. Also the players have more chances of scoring blackjacks. Low cards, in comparison, are more advantageous for the dealer. These cards include 3s, 4s, 5s, etc.

There are numerous ways of counting cards blackjack. The first and most well known method of doing this is the plus/minus method or the Hi/Lo method. In this technique each card is assigned a value which causes a fluctuation in the count. The value is either plus one, minus one or zero. People can place bets according to the counts. A positive count means that chances are favorable so a high amount can be bet. The opposite applies to a negative count. This method is also known as level one or a single level method.

Another technique of counting cards blackjack is the use of a multi level method. This functions the same way as the Hi/Lo method. The only difference being that the values assigned are greater like minus two or plus two. It is more accurate and can give better results. In addition a running count and true count should be kept in single or multiple deck games. Running count represents the combined count of all decks played while true count is the count of a single deck. For placing a bet, calculation of a true count is necessary.

Shuffle tracking o cluster counting is another strategy for counting cards blackjack. The player keeps an eye on the grouping of cards and hence determines when the high cards will be played. The cluster of cards can be identified from the previous game. The profit of the house can be eliminated if the counting card blackjack strategies are effectively followed.

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