How to count cards- A simple and effective process

According to the statistics, one is bound to lose all the games played in the casino if they do not know how to count cards. Counting cards is a strategy implemented to know the probability advantage held by a player and also to know when to make a bet and how to improve your playing efficiency. It is vital to know these steps in order to become a successful player and also to win games instead of losing them. Counting of cards can be of use in nearly all casino games but they are highly popular in black jack.

One can become a master in blackjack and flip the game to their advantage if they use some speedy math skills and learn how to count cards. Its a very useful tactic as it helps in keeping track of the ratio of both high and low cards. It is necessary to keep track of the high and low cards because they will indicate the position of the game and the time to bet. This is because the high cards like tens and aces are favorable for the player. In comparison the low cards like 4s, 5s and 6s are better for the dealer.

People who know how to count cards will know when its time for them to make their move. It happens when the dealers shoe, which is a device for holding numerous decks of cards, is loaded with high cards. This is advantageous for the player as it helps them in scoring a black jack while it is not favorable for the house as they need low cards. Once the probability of high cards is assessed, people can make use of the classic High and low method and start with a zero at the shuffle. The value assigned to high cards is minus one so when a high card like ace or tens hit the table, a point should be subtracted.

Similarly, the low cards have the value of plus one so a point should be added. In addition, people who know how to count cards can simply allow the cards to cancel out each other to save time. Next, people should divide their count by the number of desks still present in the shoe before each hand. They can simply estimate the number of decks in the stack of discarded cards and deduct it from the total. When the outcome of the count is a plus two, people should bet.

This will eventually lead them to win the game but it is only possible if people know how to count cards and to use that strategy.

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