How to count cards in blackjack to make the highest

How to count cards in blackjack to make the highest profit!

A large majority of the people believe that it is impossible to beat blackjack. However blackjack is beatable if one knows how to count cards in blackjack. This method gives a player advantage over the house but they will need to set some time aside for practice in order to understand the art of card counting.

Playing blackjack can not only be fun but it is also rewarding. However people need to have good mathematical skills and a persistent mind in order to learn how to count cards in blackjack and win this game. It is basically a mathematical system in which a person keeps track of which cards remain in the deck and which have been played. It helps in determining the advantage the other players might have. Also people need to have a basic concept of the game. They should know that the high cards like king, queen, aces and tens are valuable to the player while the low cards from 2s to 6s are beneficial for the dealer.

To learn how to count cards in blackjack, people need to explore the basic and easy methods of counting first and then move onto the more technical methods. The two basic methods are KO and HI/Lo. Amongst them the most commonly used is HI/Lo. In this method, people assign values to all cards i.e. both high and low. They add and deduct as per the value of the card and assess the number of cards left in the deck. If the count indicates that the cards left are high cards then the player can place a bet and win but if a low count then its advisable to wait.

When the count is positive, it is safe to assume that the deck has more high cards. This gives the player several advantages. Firstly the dealer will have to bust more often. Secondly the player will be dealt more blackjacks. Thirdly the player will be dealt with stronger and higher hands. But to be able to gain from these techniques, endless practice will be required.

People can make use of different softwares which specialize in letting people practice and learn how to count cards in blackjacks. It can also be done online for people to master it. Once people have successfully mastered these techniques they can move onto the more advanced techniques like Hi-Opt I count. By learning these techniques of how to count cards in blackjacks, people can become experts.

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