Looking into the world of Card Counting

One of the card game strategies used to ascertain the probability advantage of a certain player is referred to as card counting. This term is mostly used to refer to the act of gaining an advantage over the house in casino games specifically in blackjack where it is used to track the ratio of high cards to low card and in other games as well. In games like spades or contract bridges, it is used to refer to the counting of the remaining high cards or getting a count of the distribution.

Card counting circles around the basic principle that low cards like 4s, 5s and 6s which have the value of plus one are better for the dealer and on the other hand the high cards like Ten, Queen, Jack, King and ace have a value of minus one and are beneficial for the player. By having a high value of tens, the player has a higher chance of winning instead of the dealer. This is because the dealer can only hit stiff hands while the player can stand or hit, whatever his preference.
The myths around card counting state that people need unusual and special mental abilities to count cards which are not true.

Instead a point score is assigned to every card in order to give it a value. Then they only keep track of the total of these values. This method of counting is known as running count which indicates that the counters do not memorize cards. In a basic system of counting of cards, every card is given a value of positive, negative or zero. Once a card of a specific value is dealt then the count is adjusted by the counting value of that card. The count is increased by low cards as it means that the percentage of high cards is more in the shoe while the high cards do the opposite.

The basic purpose of a card accounting system is to give value to cards in order to know the effect of removal of each card. The effect of removal helps in assessing the effect of one card and the advantage it can provide in the game. An ideal and reliable system can e defined as one which offers the highest average return. Therefore the betting correlation and playing efficiency are kept in mind when a card counting system is being designed.

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