The Card Counting Secret to the MIT Students’ Strategy in Beating the House at Blackjack in Vegas!

Everybody by now should have heard of the MIT students bankrupting the Las Vegas casinos long ago. This article is based on a true life story, so there are no myths or fairy tales to tell. Here are all facts!

If you care to see the movie “21″, you will come to notice that the MIT students and a teacher employed not just a strategy based on card counting alone, but it is actually a strategy based on using a team to achieve the grand outcome.

Let me breakdown the secret to the MIT students’ strategy in beating the house in Las Vegas:-

Card Counting Secret#1: They used a team to achieve a better organised outcome. This technique required alot of cooperation and skills and training and vision on the team-leader who was originally the teacher. The second part when they ousted the teacher was actually when they were already in the team, so we will not go to that scenario.

Card Counting Secret#2: They had people who set the pace in card counting so that when the “rich” millionaire arrived, he would be ready to take over the card counting without sitting there for a long period of time and getting on the casino’s radar. They had people who watched for the security and alert the “rich” man to exit when there was eminent danger of getting caught for card counting and winning lots of money.

Card Counting Secret#3:They had secret codes and signs in order for them to move in and out of the casinos safely each time. They costume-dressed in order to go under the radar of the security undetected.

Card Counting Secret#4: Most importantly, they trained hard to learn to card count and understand all the secret codes and signs fluently before they head into the casinos to bust the house!

Card Counting Secret5#: Not to forget, when they go to Vegas, as the teacher said, “it is all business.” They were not supposed to play for fun in the casinos. Of course when they are out of the casinos, they could do whatever they like, be it relaxing in the spa or dancing away at the disco or enjoying the strip club atmosphere!

The trainings were hush, and when anyone failed to do what they were supposed to carry out, they were badly admonished by the leader who in the end, terminates his employment with the team for lack of discipline!

If you look at it the way the MIT students beat the house in blackjack using card counting and various strategies to go undetected by the casino’s security, trying to become a card counter is easy, but to go about in your daily life to as a professional blackjack player is a huge task! Are you ready then?

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