The Future of Blackjack and Card Counting

Card counting has been immensely popularised by films such as ’21′ in the last few years. For a long time card counting was believed to be a myth pursued by the gambling degenerate. Math, statistics and consistent winners have proven that to be a fallacy.

Card counting had it’s first upsurge with the arrival of Ed Thorpe’s ‘Beat the Dealer’, a non fiction title which outlined the first recognised counting system- The 10 count. Thorpe also proved, with statistical analysis, that the game Blackjack can be beaten.

After the release of his book, Casinos immediately changed the rules of Blackjack, in fear of hundreds of new counters flocking to make money off this proven system. It proved to be quite laughable, as the casinos did not realise that it takes a significant amount of work to learn a valid counting system! Lots of money was lost in the ensuing weeks as even regular gamblers with no card counting skills, realised that the games had gone bad.

Casinos reinstated games with the same rules, and realised after a while that they had nothing to fear from counters.

In reality only a tiny percentage of gamblers ever master the skills needed and pose no real threat to any casino worldwide. Blackjack teams have had some success in the past, but casinos now have enforced stricter rules regarding shoe games, which makes it harder for these teams to succeed. The no-entry mid shoe has made it harder for big players to ‘wong in’.

Unfortunately some casinos still see card counting as a threat and have installed sets of unfavourable rules for the average player. I believe they are losing money because of this. Many people believe they have the skills to be great blackjack players and counters, but the reality is that most of these so-called counters are the biggest losers of them all and some of the most profitable customers for a casino.

Since the advent of the internet, online gambling has become a major player in the gaming industry. Poker has experienced a massive boom with millions of online players competing each day. Not to mention other casino games such as slots, baccarat, roulette etc. Is there a profit to be made from these games?

Yes there is. How? If I play in Las Vegas many casinos would offer a complimentary drink, meal or even a room for the night, depending on how much I played! Obviously online gaming agents cannot do this, but offer something called a sign-up bonus. This means that when you deposit into a online gaming site, you can receive a bonus from 10% to 1000%. Many of these bonuses are cashable and, by playing low house edge games we are able to maximise profits.

The future of Blackjack?

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